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We provide exceptional chiropractic care at an affordable rate to share health and healing one family at a time.

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  • “I have been seeing Dr. Calio for about a month now, but I began noticing results after the first visit. The reason I decided to start treatment was to recover from a knee injury and get relief for a partially herniated disc in my lower back that I’ve been suffering from for years. His methods are effective, his office is inviting and comfortable, and his customer service is impeccable. I know a lot of people that are suffering from obesity, pain, inflammation, and looking for preventive care, and you better believe I’m referring them to Dr. Calio!”

    – Alex L.

  • “Highly recommend! Brenden is an amazing chiropractor especially for people who are skeptical of chiropractic. I was a collegiate athlete and was required to see a chiropractor, but always hated the sharp movements and loud cracking. Brenden’s method is completely different. He’s extremely gentle and there is no cracking involved. Before going to Brenden, I had no idea that these gentle treatments existed! Not only am I more relaxed and trusting of his methods, Brenden’s technique has helped loosen up my neck. Before I could not look over my shoulder, and after just 4 visits, I was able to gain almost complete rotation and movement back. I’m excited to see the other ways I’ll heal as I continue treatment.”

    – Klaire K.

  • “Dr. Brenden is an incredible and attentive chiropractor. He always takes the time to listen and address your needs as well as get to know you. Every visit starts and ends with big hugs from both of my kids…they always look forward to their visits.”

    – Megan R.

  • “I went to see Dr. Calio after waking up in the middle of the night with back pain. He is an extremely professional chiropractor who took the time to listen and understand my health issues before starting treatment. I have seen real results from the first month of care, and would recommend him to anyone. ”

    – Scott A.

  • “Dr. Calio is one of a kind! I went to Dr. Calio with a multitude of complaints, ranging from dizziness to aches and pains. Being a person used to the “crack noise” of typical chiropractors, I’ll be honest, after the first adjustment, I was very skeptical. Until I stood up and my chronic pain in my upper back was completely gone….I was seriously impressed and mystified. I continued getting checked once or twice a week and started to notice that most of my pains and complaints were getting better or disappearing. The adjustment from Dr. Calio is gentle, precise and extremely effective. He is a master of his craft, that is for sure. I definitely recommend checking him out and seeing if Upper Cervical Chiropractic is right for you!”

    – Jessica L.

  • “Prior to chiro treatment I suffered from a great deal of on-going pain, fatigue, low-energy, poor sleep, restlessness, very poor posture and an inability to handle stress. All those issues have changed greatly in a very short period of time under Brenden’s care. I have little to no pain, more energized, sleep like a baby, walk upright without even thinking about it and have a greater sense of calmness that allows me to buffer the stresses in my life. To this day, I can’t stop telling people the story.”

    – Sharon T.

  • “Dr. Calio is amazing. He has taken care of my wife and two children for close to a year. From helping my 6 year old get rid of her daily migraines… to managing my 8 year old son’s scoliosis… to taking care of my wife pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy he is amazing. Dr. Calio’s upper cervical technique is so gentle that my children argue over who gets to be checked first when we arrive. It truly feels like stopping in to check on family rather than some cold and sterile office. If you want a doctor that will go above and beyond for your health you needn’t look any further.”

    – Nathaniel R.

  • “I was skeptical but eager to try a different kind of chiropractic care after I began to feel like traditional adjustments were too aggressive. I was in pain, and my entire spine was very tight! Dr. Brenden Calio took great care and time while assessing me and I quickly realized I needed to start treatment immediately! Not having any idea what to expect, I took to the adjustment so well and easy, no sudden jerky movements! I could not believe how much relief my whole spine experienced after just my initial adjustment. It’s not just Dr. Calio’s great care but his genuine nature and giving spirit keeps me feeling safe and comfortable. Finally! Some relief for my back!”

    – Jennifer C.

  • “I am a mother of two young children and I am also a flight attendant. The stresses at home and work can really do a number on my body. I suffer from postpartum anxiety, I usually have a strained neck, felt unbalanced and my mind was all over the place. Dr. Brenden and Dr. Charlene took the time to get to know me not only as a patient but as a person. They tried to figure out my ailments to help in my care. They focused on my upper cervical and focused on a holistic approach. I’ve been to other chiropractors before but I enjoyed the holistic focus of my care. It was definitely a great introduction and I plan to continue my care in this area. After my visit I already noticed how much better I felt. I was in a state of nostalgia. I highly recommend these two for the best care and results. They both truly want to help you be a better you! ”

    – Justine J.

  • “I was very impressed with his newer techniques and approach, he made me feel soooo much better even after the first visit, I’m going back.”

    – Robin P.

  • “I have had several great Chiropractors in my life, but recently discovered that I have a brain and spinal condition that requires either no care from the western medical world or a very special touch from a more holistic healing approach. Dr. Calio’s technique is exactly what I need for my condition. I am about one month into treatment for a condition that has gotten worse over the past few years and I am starting to finally believe that I may actually get to live a comfortable life. I am getting some relief of my chronic symptoms for the first time. My other Chiropractors certainly helped me in other areas of my body, but it wasn’t until my last Chiropractor found the root cause of my problems and referred me to HIO Chiropractic for the upper cervical attention needed. Thank you Dr. Calio, I am excited to see how far we will get. ”

    – Ken T.

  • “I have been a health and fitness coach for over ten years. In that time, I have seen many chiropractors for sports related injuries through these years. Brenden is one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have met to date. He takes pride in what he does for each of his patients. I would trust to have my parents in his care. Let’s just say, that means a lot in my book! I recently experienced a work-related injury and under his care, received immediate relief from lower back pain. Please consider HIO Chiropractic the next time you need special and compassionate care!”

    – Brenna S.

  • “I had sustained several injuries in the military that caused me to go from one chiropractor to the other. I would get temporary relief from them…but when I first saw Dr. Calio, it was a revolution for me. After just the first visit, I felt like I got my life back. It does take time and commitment for your body to learn to adjust to the right alignment, but it transforms your physical, emotional, and cognitive health. I noticed that my metabolism and ability to focus improved, along with a sharp decrease in my low-back pain. I thought my dream to run a marathon was never going to come to fruition. But Dr. Calio’s making it happen. ”

    – Rachel S.

  • “I came in a sceptic and left a believer! Thanks to HIO Chiropractic and Dr. Calio, I immediately felt batter from chronic neck pain. He’s an expert and very low impact so even if you have reservations, give it a try…it’s not what you think and can help so much.”

    – Erica H.

  • “I didn’t realize how tense I was until Dr. Calio examined my neck. After only my first adjustment, I felt much more relaxed and balanced! I appreciate how gentle and non-invasive yet powerful the adjustments are. Dr. Calio is a must go to for this type of care- he is very gentle, kind, and professional.”

    – Minh D.